Wesley ShoverMidwest Coordinator & Director of Communications

    Age: Born in 1986
    Raised: Vermont
    Military Service: 5 years USAF, Service Disabled – Retired
    Most Memorable Hunt: Western Ontario Whitetails with my Brother 30 miles in Lake of The Woods
    Specialty: Midwest and Northeastern Whitetails, Trout fishing in New England








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    Wesley Shover is our Midwest Coordinator and the Director of Communications here at The Veteran Hunter. He is a Vermont native whose passion for the outdoors and Military Veterans runs as deep as any. I met Wes the Spring of 2014 at Beale Air Force Base in Northern CA while on a short term job assignment. There was the standard “butt sniffing” until the topic of fitness and working out came up… we started chatting it up like little girls, then the conversation turned into hunting and it was like we had been friends since childhood! He and I are always talking about our next hunt or some piece of gear that we want to try out and that we think might help us be more successful. Wes is very smart, extremely driven, doesn’t accept “No” for an answer and is very passionate about everything in life that he does.

    Wes grew up hunting Whitetails and fishing for Brown Trout with his three brothers on a religious basis. In 2006, he enlisted in the Air Force as a Pararescue (PJ) candidate, but ended up as a Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) after sustaining an injury that led to surgery. Wes was stationed at Pope Army Air Field in North Carolina as a TACP until late 2010. His service was cut short due to a C1 Vertebra fracture and was retired via Medical Board. From 2010 to current he has supported various USAF Manned and Unmanned Aircraft training courses as a JTAC Subject Matter Expert (SME). Wes has deployed once as Active Duty and again later on as a civilian in the capacity of a Mission Coordinator supporting ScanEagle operations. He currently resides in North Dakota with his family and guides various hunts as well as has outdoor ties in both of the Dakotas, Ontario, Washington, California, Vermont, Montana, New York, and New Hampshire.