October 22-31, 2017

For one lucky Veteran this hunt will take place in Lake of the Woods which is just North of the Minnesota border in Ontario, Canada. Lake of the Woods is a vast chain of islands most well known for its Walleye fishing. During the winter freeze, deer travel from island to island in search of food. When the ice melts these deer stay where they are and get huge!

Access is limited to those who have properly equipped boats and know the waters well, as it is very easy to get lost. The woods are thick with many marshy areas. Deer are definitely not used to seeing people and have very minimal predators. The most common method of hunting is slow hunting or spot and stalk. You can bring muzzleloader, bow, rifle or all three.

Lodging will be in house boats with wood burning stoves and hot showers. Eat like a king by popping forest grouse all day and catching walleye at night for dinner until the first deer is harvested. Fall asleep to the crackle of the wood stove and wolves howling in the distance.

After Action Report

Whitetail Buck Hunt – Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada

The beauty of it all cannot be explained when hunting the vast islands of Lake of the Woods Ontario. We had a phenomenal week of hunting, fishing and gorging ourselves with food both caught, killed and bought. The house boats we stayed on were cozy and always toasty warm from the wood stoves. All the guys, the stories, the jokes, I’m pretty sure my stomach still hurts from laughter!

On the third day Justin Stevens, our Air Force Veteran, was able to tag out on a seven point buck, and I was also able to tag out on a buck as well the previous day. The cherry on top was all the walleye caught and grouse shot! Man are those little birds tasty!

Many thanks to Wes Shover our Director of Communications for planning and organizing this hunt. Also, thanks to David Pride of Rustic Outfitters for sponsoring Justin Stevens hunt Until next year ladies and gents!