Mother Nature

It knows no bounds. It has no prejudice, no preference on who enjoys it. It can excite us, let us down, surprise us, fatigue the hell out of us, fulfill us, and heal us.


Ever wonder why, even when several years pass, you remember every vivid moment of almost all of your hunts or fishing trips, especially the successful ones?

You can picture the exact moment, the leaves crunching under your feet, the water drawing your line down, the first sight, the hook set, the drag, the fight. It’s because during these moments, all of our senses are tuned in. There’s not another thought clouding our focus. It’s a laser beam directed at your intentions, at succeeding. ¬†Or at least, trying to succeed.

Veterans know this type of focus in two environments. First, this focus and determination is what keeps us alive in a firefight, on missions, or during a deployment so that we can make that phone call to our loved ones, see our children again! We engage and set our sights on going home. At succeeding. Our emotions, adrenaline, hearts, and minds are aligned and all racing at once. It keeps us pushing ourselves beyond our known limits. It begins to feel good, it becomes natural and a way of life. And each time, we know a little more about ourselves and our brothers and sisters in arms.

Being outdoors and immersed in nature heals our scars, our minds, our hearts, and our souls.The truest hunters and anglers respect our most primitive skill unlike anything else. We respect what mother nature provides in our lives and on our dinner plates. The experiences that we have both in solitude and together could be told 100 times without bore. That is of course unless you’re telling your kids the story of how you bagged and tagged that mount you have hanging on the living room wall.

We know first hand how we have been healed by the outdoors and how it makes us more alive. We know the impact that hunting and angling have on our lives and how it shapes who we are as people. Together we will create these ever-lasting memories among the land and on our waters of this beautiful country for many years to come. We are the Veteran Hunter.

With Kind Regards,


Meet The Team

Coming from both different backgrounds and geographic locations, we all have our individual specialties and skills. Despite our differences, we all have years of military service and share a love and passion for Veterans and the Outdoors!